• Does PhoneExpander work with iOS 8 and 9?

    We just released a new version of PhoneExpander which supports new versions of iOS. The cache cleaner tool now works on all versions!

  • What are the system requirements?

    PhoneExpander requires a Mac running OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) or newer. For your iOS device, we can only officially support iOS 7 and later due to the small size of our team. However, PhoneExpander will run on older iOS versions (we’ve tested 5.1.1 and later), so it's worth trying it out after you back up your device.

  • Is there a Windows version?

    Right now, Phone Expander is Mac only. We'd like to make a Windows version someday, but we're focusing on getting the Mac version to a point where we can release it before we dive into that!

  • How does PhoneExpander work?

    PhoneExpander is a tool that runs on your Mac to help clear out space on your iOS device. It is a series of tools, each focused on clearing out a specific kind of media. First it identifies what's taking the most space, and then it allows you to choose what to remove and what to keep.

  • Is PhoneExpander safe?

    We've designed PhoneExpander to be very reliable, but as always with computers, unpredictable things can happen, so it's good to have a fresh backup of your device in iTunes or on iCloud. If something ever did go wrong, you could simply restore from there.

  • How the Clean Temporary Files tool works

    Computers tend to store temporary files called caches, they are the equivalent of old newspapers and junk that you don't need anymore. Your computer is supposed to throw these things away, but sometimes it gets a little lazy and forgets so it just fills up space. PhoneExpander comes through and induces the cleaning process. It feels really nice to have a good clean house. In all of our tests, things like logins to apps don't get deleted when you clear the temporary files - those are stored somewhere safe!

  • How the Remove Apps tool works

    Everyone knows that an easy way to free up space on your device is to delete apps. Unfortunately, it can be a really slow process. Remove Apps quickly shows you which apps take up the most space and makes it really easy to delete them. If you want to get the app back, you'll have to redownload it from the app store. It's possible that if you delete a game, some of your high scores will disappear, it depends on how the app was created.

  • How the Remove Photos tool works

    Photos and Videos can be some of the biggest space takers on your device. Remove Photos makes it easy to copy those files to your Mac, which usually has far more space than your iOS device. You can choose whether to copy just videos or both photos and videos and where to store them on your Mac, then it will automatically back them up and remove them from your device, saving a large amount of space.

  • Who made PhoneExpander?

    PhoneExpander is a collaboration between Nice Mohawk Limited and Magnetism Studios. We've been building software for a very, very long time, though we've only recently started collaborating. We also built TypeSnippets, an iOS 8 keyboard extension, together.

  • How much does it cost?

    PhoneExpander costs $20, about the same as a gallon of fancy coffee!

  • How can I get my serial number again?

    When you buy PhoneExpander, your serial number gets emailed to you. You can just enter that to activate new copies of the app.

  • Why does PhoneExpander run on my Mac?

    PhoneExpander accesses areas of your device in a way that iOS apps aren’t able to (you might have heard the term “Sandbox” bandied about before, this is what limits what iOS apps can do). Trying to make PhoneExpander run on device would be like trying to perform surgery on yourself—a very hard thing to do. This way the Mac is the surgeon and your device is the patient. Simple.


  • My iPhone or iPad doesn't appear inside PhoneExpander

    PhoneExpander works best when you connect your device directly to your Mac via the lightning cable rather than connecting over wi-fi. If you plug in a new device, like your friend's phone, to clear out space, make sure you tap “Trust” on the device when asked if you want to “Trust this Computer”. You may also need to launch iTunes on your Mac and tell it to trust the device. Trust is a very important part of any relationship, including the relationship between your phone and your Mac.

  • I want to clear up even more space than PhoneExpander allows

    We have more tools coming which will allow you to free up more space. But in the meantime the best advice that we have is to delete documents and remove music from your device manually using either iTunes or the Settings app on your device.

  • My beta has expired

    Youc an grab the latest copy from our page. We're out of beta now, so it won't expire ever again!